More than 90 percent of long-distance hikers who attempt to tackle the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail start at the Mexican border, making their way north to the Canadian border. Almost everyone who attempts the daunting journey over the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges does so in spring and summer months. What Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter are doing is […]

The way Watts locals remember it, the Watts Happening Coffee House was the place to be in the late ‘60s. “It was hip,” said Harold Hambrick, a longtime Watts resident and witness to the 1965 Watts Riots. “Anyone who had any kind of creative ideas could come there.” Musicians, poets, and artists gathered at the space in the years following […]

Over the course of a few years, Julie lost several of her family members, then a close friend also passed away. Overwhelmed by grief, Julie developed severe depression. She cried daily. Worst of all, she had no one to talk to. “I was definitely in a tough place with a lot to say and nowhere to say it,” said Julie, […]

The Mojave National Preserve — a stretch of protected desert northeast of Los Angeles — is currently reviewing its water management plan. One question officials are considering is whether to continue providing artificial water sources for desert wildlife. As part of the Works Progress Administration, hundreds of concrete “drinkers” were installed across the desert in the 1940s. They’re giant concrete […]

After a 2-year, $45 million restoration project, LA’s Echo Park has gotten a lot of new traffic. But among the visitors to the park have been hundreds of mysterious pink blobs. It turns out they’re not supposed to be there and they may be hard to get rid of. Listen to this story on KPCC

Southern California is known for its nice weather, but almost as popular as the sunshine is the man who delivers the forecasts. Katherine Davis had a chance to sit down with ABC7 meteorologist Dallas Raines. She learned he’s loved weather since childhood, he has some extreme hobbies, and there’s a purpose behind his flashy outfits and elaborate “moves.”   Listen […]

Homosexuality is illegal in 38 African countries. Many Africans who identify as LGBT seek asylum in South Africa, but when they arrive they face new challenges. Watch this video on News24

President Barack Obama delivered a speech to a packed crowd in Jameson Hall at the University of Cape Town on June 30. See photos from event. View this gallery on News24

There’s not a lot of merchandise on the shelves at Oak’s Jr. Market these days. The refrigerators along the wall keep some beers and sodas cool. A shelf stores canned chili and Aunt Jemima syrup. But the shelves below the sign that reads “Fresh Produce” sit vacant, waiting to be filled with fruits and vegetables. Gus Harris Jr., the store’s […]

Ben “Taco” Owens lifts up the sleeve of his gray, button-up shirt to reveal the full length of the deep scar along his right arm. He was shot twice in 1989 after a gang member asked him what he calls “the most dangerous question in the world,” and a common prelude to gang shootings: “Where are you from?” Owens is […]