There are many ways a college student might spend spring break. Making an archaeological breakthrough is not usually one of them. In his first year at Harvard, Manny Medrano did just that. “There’s something in me, I can’t explain where it came from, but I love the idea of digging around and trying to find secrets hidden from the past,” Medrano says. […]

The 14 quilts that make up the Migrant Quilt Project are each unique. One looks like a large American flag, one shows silhouetted cacti against an orange sunset, one is quilted with rows of small white skulls. But all of the quilts share one feature: long lists of names, such as Jose Lara Avila, Margarita Rios Rodriguez, or Rufino Hernandez. But […]

PHOENIX (Reuters) – A federal judge on Wednesday upheld President Donald Trump’s pardon earlier this year of 85-year-old former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, rejecting legal challenges by outside groups. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton said that she had considered the petitions filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona and other organizations, including one staffed by lawyers who worked […]

    Sample of live on-air newscasts from New England Public Radio:   Sample of development and underwriting copy for New England Public Radio:

Hate groups are on the rise in the U.S. and they increasingly see college campuses as prime recruiting ground. UMass Amherst and Holyoke Community College are just two of dozens of college campuses to have been targeted by white nationalist propaganda in recent months. But finding the right way to respond to these groups can present a challenge to college administrators. The […]

Enrollment matters a lot for a school like Hampshire College, with just about 1400 students and a relatively small endowment. So Hampshire had some budget problems this year, when the student body came up about 60 students short. “We under-enrolled,” said Meredith Twombly, dean of  enrollment and retention at Hampshire. “We missed when we guessed what our yield was going […]

Easthampton, Massachusetts, was a thriving mill town during the industrial revolution, but when manufacturing left the city, its industrial landscape remained. In recent years, Easthampton’s old mill buildings have been turned into loft-style apartments and art galleries. And now, an indoor park. At the east end of the Pleasant Street mill district in Easthampton, there’s an imposing, red brick, factory building. […]

New England has long held a reputation as a hub for higher education. Just in Massachusetts, colleges and universities employ more than 120,000 people. The experience of working at a college can vary greatly campus-to-campus, and that includes employee benefits like parental leave for staff and faculty. One college in the Pioneer Valley is trying to set a new standard. […]

When Eileen Crosby began working as the archivist at the Holyoke Public Library four years ago, she said she found great resources about the city’s early industrial history, and the waves of Irish and Polish migrants who settled in the town generations ago. “We had materials on all those groups, but what we didn’t have in the archives, very much of, […]

With its gently rolling water and twinkling lights, San Antonio’s Riverwalk is well-known as a charming spot for a leisurely stroll. Each year, millions of visitors relax among its shaded patios, picturesque bridges, verdant landscaping—and as of late, its growing flocks of brilliant orange and black monarch butterflies who frequently skate through the air, drawn in by the flora found […]