Goodwill of Orange County’s Huntington Beach location has all the hallmarks of a typical thrift store. There are the shelves of used kitchen appliances and stacks of pictures frames, racks of clothes and, of course, bargain hunters. But this Goodwill location, which is known as an OC Goodwill Boutique, has a notably different ambiance than most thrift stores. […]

  Every summer, hundreds of hikers make their way from the Mexican border to the Canadian border on the Pacific Crest Trail. This year the Pacific Crest Trail Association estimates there are well over 1,000 hikers attempting the walk through California, Oregon and Washington, making it one of the busiest years the trail has ever seen. Much of that traffic […]

    In a classroom at Cal State San Bernardino, Ernest Siva shares a traditional Serrano story with students. He reads aloud in a language that was spoken by as many as 30,000 Native Americans in the San Bernardino mountain areas before settlers arrived in the 18th century. 78-year-old Siva remembers speaking Serrano at home with his mother and grandfather […]

The Mojave National Preserve — a stretch of protected desert northeast of Los Angeles — is currently reviewing its water management plan. One question officials are considering is whether to continue providing artificial water sources for desert wildlife. As part of the Works Progress Administration, hundreds of concrete “drinkers” were installed across the desert in the 1940s. They’re giant concrete […]

City Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Nury Martinez, and Curren Price Jr. are proposing increasing the wages of hotel workers in the city to $15.37 per hour. The wage increase would apply to as many as 11,000 hotel employees who work in hotels with more than 100 rooms throughout the city. Hotel workers like Guadalupe Mora think the wage hike will be […]

It’s been an exciting season for whale watchers in Southern California. A record number of gray whales have been spotted along the California coast since the beginning of December. And the reason we know it’s a record year is due to a dedicated group of volunteers who count the whales one-by-one. Listen to this story on KPCC

After a 2-year, $45 million restoration project, LA’s Echo Park has gotten a lot of new traffic. But among the visitors to the park have been hundreds of mysterious pink blobs. It turns out they’re not supposed to be there and they may be hard to get rid of. Listen to this story on KPCC

After nearly 50 years of filet mignon dinners and champagne brunches, a much loved LA restaurant prepares to close its doors for good. Katherine Davis speaks with patrons and employees of the restaurant to find out what they will remember about this unusual spot.   Listen to this story on Annenberg Radio News

Mayor Eric Garcetti visited the LA River with Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy. Garcetti is pushing for federal support for a large scale improvement project for the river. The plan he backs, known as “Alternative 20” would cost more than $1 billion. He visited President Obama in October to try to gain support for the plan. Listen to this […]

Southern California is known for its nice weather, but almost as popular as the sunshine is the man who delivers the forecasts. Katherine Davis had a chance to sit down with ABC7 meteorologist Dallas Raines. She learned he’s loved weather since childhood, he has some extreme hobbies, and there’s a purpose behind his flashy outfits and elaborate “moves.”   Listen […]